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Welcome: Registration, coffee, light breakfast [6th Floor North]


Why ICTforAg? [6th Floor South]

Welcome to ICTforAg 2019! Opening the day will be representatives from the sponsor, USAID, and host, DAI. We’ll explore how data, new technologies and innovation are redefining food security, strengthening water systems, and increasing resilience around the world, and how international development organizations can leverage these changes to accelerate impact. We’re excited for the debut of a smaller, more interactive event, focused on technical dialogue and networking. Our goal for the day is to explore the roles of key players in agriculture, especially those we might not typically consider, and to see clearly the pathways to impact all the way from donor to smallholder farmer.

Rob Bertram, USAID
Karl Wuster, USAID
Anand Varghese, DAI

Welcome messages: Envisioning digitally integrated food systems [6th Floor South]

During the day we’ll hear from a variety of organizations, both public and private, on how they are moving from theory to practice to farmer impact. We will start with two very different messages from organizations with similar missions and visions for the future of digitally-empowered foods systems and resilient communities. These messages will showcase examples of ways to get from theory to practice that we will explore throughout the day.

Charles Brigham, Esri
Stewart Collis, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Ag innovation for resilience, food security, and water systems [6th Floor South]

Grand Challenges, Petit Challenges, Prize Competitions, Social Venture, and Basic Research are (among others) methods that development organizations use to generate innovative solutions to development challenges. Each of these models is suited to different objectives and different types of problems. Discussion will center on innovative solutions, development challenges that have been or are being solved (or not solved), and how these innovation models support resilience, food security, and water systems.

Marea Pappas, USAID
Andy Jarvis, CGIAR/CCAFS
Timothy Rann, Mercy Corps Ventures
Moderator: Kelly Wong, University of Maryland

Morning coffee break [6th Floor North]


Parallel sessions

Digital Farmer Profiles [6th Floor South]

A brief introduction to Digital Farmer Profiles research by Grameen Foundation, as well as sowing date use case and the global food company perspective. This brief panel will be followed by an interactive discussion session on implementing Digital Farmer Profiles in programs to maximize impact for farmers.

Bobbi Gray, Grameen Foundation
Bilal Bawany, Mars Wrigley Confectionery
Andy Jarvis, CIAT/CCAFS
Facilitator: Anand Varghese, DAI

From space to smallholder – How to operationalize geospatial imaging for farmers [4th Floor South]

A brief introduction to the providers of geospatial imaging and analysis, followed by an interactive discussion session to brainstorm ways that the development design process can use geospatial tools, and how geospatial data should be framed for policymakers and implementers.

Victoria Coleman, Atlas AI
Hamed Alemohammad, Radiant Earth Foundation
Zhuangfang Yi, Development Seed
Kevin Coffey, USAID/SERVIR
Facilitator: Kristen Roggeman, DAI

Tools for Smart Farming [6th Floor South]

After two parallel sessions on specific tools used to encourage informed farmers, we step back to discuss what these tools look like in the context of a “Smart Farm” and how they support digitally enabled farmers. Geospatial imaging and Digital Farmer Profiles are only two tools among many in the ICTforAg toolbox; this session will also cover policy frameworks and institutional structures to make those tools useable and available to farmers.

Hamed Alemohammad, Radiant Earth Foundation
Victoria Coleman, Atlas AI
Bobbi Gray, Grameen Foundation
Bilal Bawany, Mars Wrigley Confectionery
Moderator: Stewart Collis, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Morning reflection: Connecting farmers and digital solutions [6th Floor South]

Pulling themes and key takeaways from the morning sessions, we now discuss how to build programs that connect digital solutions to smallholder farmers. Whether through the use of geospatial imaging and digital tools, funder-driven support, or innovative frameworks for project design, as implementers we continue to explored ways that research and theory are being transformed into design and implementation.

Anand Varghese, DAI

Lunch [6th Floor North]


Lightning talks: Action and reflection from innovators and implementers [6th Floor South]

What it means to be building pathways from practice to impact varies widely across the actors in our sector. A snapshot of impact-driven programs provides us with ideas, lessons learned, and goals for implementers in the sector.

Chris Light, SID-W
Krista Baptista, DAI
Clara Yoon, MEDA
Ellie Turner, RTI International
Sabeen Dhanani, USAID
Geoff Andersen, John Deere
David Bergvinson, aWhere

Tech demos: Explore tools and digital products for agriculture [4th Floor South]

We’re talking about a variety of technologies across the day; the tech demos are your chance to take them for a spin. This session will explore how digital technologies on the ground are addressing key challenges across the agriculture sector. You’ll be able to interact with a variety of technologies that development organizations are using around the world.

Emmanuel Ansah-Amprofi, TROTRO Tractor
Molly Brown, 6th Grain
Inta Plostins, DAI
Amos Olerty, Farmerline
Christopher Neu, TechChange
Maurita Obermiller, Trees for the Future
Alfred Selvarajah, Techno Brain
Scott Lansell, GeoPoll

Afternoon coffee break [6th Floor North]


Mobile data for innovation – Announcing the GSMA mAgri Innovation Fund [6th Floor South]

At the beginning of June, GSMA launches the Innovation Fund for the Digitisation of Agricultural Value Chains to support mobile money providers and AgTech companies launch, develop and scale digital tools that streamline operations in the agricultural last mile and facilitate financial inclusion for smallholder farmers.

Daniele Tricarico, GSMA

Afternoon reflection: What are our roles in building digital solutions for smallholder farmers?

After two parallel sessions on how implementers and innovators are building digital solutions that move us from practice to impact on the smallholder farmer, we step back to discuss themes and questions about our role in building these pathways to practice. This session will use the questions and comments collected from conference participants throughout the day to expand the general understanding of what digital solutions for the smallholder farmer mean.

Jeff Halvorson, PepsiCo
Katie Hauser, USAID
Hannah Reed, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Moderator: David Bergvinson, aWhere

What’s next to enable the digital farmer? [6th Floor South]

After experiencing digital products and hearing directly from implementers how digital solutions impact smallholder farmers, we conclude the day with a discussion on how we can all build complete pathways of digital development that enable farmer. Through inclusive design and user-centered technologies, we have explored the impact that digital solutions can have on the smallholder farmer and ways to maximize that impact by engaging a diverse set of stakeholders along the way.

Anand Varghese, DAI

Reception: Sponsored by A-M-Z and TechChange [6th Floor North]

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National Union Building,
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June 5, 2019