National Union Building, Washington, DC

June 5, 2019

Join global leaders for a 1-day conference exploring the future of agriculture, food security, resilient populations and technology, on June 5, 2019 in Washington, DC. Together, we’ll explore how data, new technologies and innovation are remaking food & water systems and value chains around the world, and how international development organizations can leverage these changes to accelerate impact.

Sponsored by Feed the Future, ICTforAg 2019 will be a smaller, more interactive event, focused on technical dialogue and networking. In particular, we’ll explore:

  • What’s new in digital for resilience and food security (D4RFS);
  • How Digital Farmer Profiles might fundamentally reshape food security, resilience and nutrition;
  • What you need to know about changes in agricultural extension, farm management, market access and financial inclusion;
  • How international development can drive investment and business model innovations in new agricultural technologies around the globe;

…and other key topics that donors, implementing partners, the private sector, farmers, and others will find directly applicable to their work.

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National Union Building,
Washington, DC


June 5, 2019