May 28-30, 2024

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May 28-30, 2024

ICTforAg 2023

7-9 November 2023

ICTforAg 2023 was an online global event that brought together over 1,700 agricultural stakeholders and technology experts to share knowledge, find solutions, and form partnerships to address challenges in agrifood systems across low and middle-income countries.

Hosted by USAID as part of Feed the Future, CGIAR and DAI, the conference featured 145 speakers across 40 sessions.

Keynote speakers

Days over global timezones
Tech expo booths

Cultivating inclusion - the focus of ICTforAg 2023

Breakout sessions at ICTforAg 2023 cover three vital tracks to cultivate inclusion in digital solutions for agrifood systems.


Critically review technology solutions through the lens of gender and social inclusion. Sessions will highlight the policies, strategies, and other enabling considerations that can lead to the inclusive digital ecosystem.


Explore innovative digital technology solutions that are available in agri-food systems in the developing world. Sessions will delve into cutting-edge research, technologies, and approaches that are scaling while overcoming adoption barriers.


Share inspiring real-world examples, showcasing both success and lessons-learned stories from around the world, highlighting the potential of digital technology to drive positive changes in the agri-food sector.

Hear from industry-leading experts

AI, Climate, Data, Creating an Enabling Environment, Sustainability, Ethics, Gender Inclusion, Human-Centered Design, Money and Financing, New Technologies, Reducing the Time to Impact, Regenerative Ag and more!

Join our Tech Showcase!

  • Virtually explore new technologies and network with your peers as you would in person!
  • Move freely around the space, network with individuals through one on one chat, and join other participants in Expo booths for topic-based conversations.

Who benefits from ICTforAg?

Food producers

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Gain Practical Insights
Learn from real-world case studies and experiences that can help you navigate the complexities of agriculture and food production.

Explore Innovative Tech
Discover cutting-edge digital solutions that are actively transforming agri-food systems, offering you new ways to tackle challenges.

Foster Inclusive Growth
Understand how to create a more equitable agri-food landscape, focusing on gender and social inclusion to be more climate-resilient.

Network with Industry Pioneers
Connect with like-minded food producers, digital innovators, and researchers, opening doors for future collaborations and partnerships.

Private sector

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Accelerate Innovation
Gain exposure to the latest research and technologies in agri-food systems, helping you to innovate and scale your digital solutions.

Bridge the Gap with Research
Connect directly with agricultural scientists and researchers to validate your innovative solutions, fostering partnerships that can lead to co-developed technologies or research-backed ventures.

Expand Market Reach
Learn about the specific challenges and needs in agri-food systems across low and middle-income countries, offering you a broader perspective to tailor your startup's offerings.

Enhance Credibility and Impact
Leverage research insights to build a more robust and socially responsible business model, increasing your startup's credibility and potential for social impact.

Foundations & NGOs

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Guide Impactful Investments
Gain insights into emerging digital solutions and research, enabling you to invest in initiatives that are both innovative and socially impactful.

Cultivate Inclusive Partnerships
Network with a variety of stakeholders committed to gender-responsive and socially inclusive innovations, aligning your organizational mission with collaborative projects.

Amplify Program Efficacy
Learn about evidence-based, inclusive practices that can be incorporated into your programs, enhancing their social impact and effectiveness.

Engage with Research and Science Communities
uild relationships with agricultural researchers and scientists who are focused on gender-responsive and socially inclusive solutions, enriching your foundation's or NGO's portfolio of initiatives.


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Showcase Research Findings
Present your work to a diverse audience, including practitioners, policymakers, and industry leaders, amplifying the reach and impact of your research.

Collaborate Across Sectors
Network with stakeholders from digital startups, NGOs, and foundations, opening doors for interdisciplinary research collaborations and real-world applications of research findings.

Stay Ahead of the Curve
Access the latest innovations and trends in agri-food systems, ensuring your research remains relevant and contributes to solving global challenges.

Invest in Inclusive Innovation
Engage with a community committed to gender-responsive and socially inclusive solutions, offering a rich context for research that aims to address systemic inequalities in agri-food systems.


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Inform Policy Decisions
Gain access to the latest research and innovations in agri-food systems, providing a strong evidence base to inform and enhance public policy initiatives.

Foster Public-Private Partnerships
Network with a diverse range of stakeholders, from researchers to entrepreneurs, creating opportunities for collaborative projects that can drive national agricultural agendas.

Promote Sustainable Development
Learn about digital solutions and practices that align with sustainability goals, offering pathways to implement effective and responsible policies.

Engage in Inclusive Innovation
Connect with experts focused on gender-responsive and socially inclusive solutions, enriching your understanding of how to create equitable policies in agri-food systems.