May 28-30, 2024

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May 28-30, 2024

ICTforAg+ 2023

India – Hyderabad

T-Hub, Hyderabad. 19 December 2023

Following the ICTforAg+ Indonesia and ICTforAg+ Mexico events, Hyderabad is set to host the ICTforAg+ event in India. Hosted by the Government of Telangana’s Emerging Technology wing and the CGIAR initiative on Digital Innovation, the ICTforAg+ event will be held on 19 December at T-Hub, Hyderabad.

ICTforAg is an annual event that brings together a global audience of experts and ethusiasts committed to the development of digital solutions to challenges in low- to middle-income countries. Complementary to the global ICTforAg event, the ICTforAg+ are locally-led satellite events organized by local hosts supported by the ICTforAg Global Team. The local event allow local participants to engage with their peers in the vibrant local digital ecosystem and also connect with the global community.


  • Inclusion: Raise and promote awareness on responsible and inclusive digital innovation for agri-food systems and discuss on the incentives for ensuring inclusivity.
  • Inspiration: Showcase exemplary use cases and the Inspire challenge winners to inspire the mainstreaming of inclusive digital innovations.
  • Innovation: Identify frameworks and enablers to mainstream emerging tech for agri-food systems.

Photo: T-Hub