May 28-30, 2024

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May 28-30, 2024

Charting a digital path toward professional farmer organizations in Kenya


ICTforAg 2023

The proliferation of digital technology and ICT tools available to Kenyan agribusinesses has reached unprecedented levels. Kenya is not alone in this phenomenon, as similar trends can be seen across the developing world. Unfortunately, more is not always better when measured as technology usage, adoption, or benefits for rural agribusinesses. Agri-MSMEs, rural cooperatives, and other types of farmer organizations play a crucial role as customers for technology services and an efficient conduit delivering technological benefits to smallholder farmers. However, rapidly expanding and, at times, paralysis-inducing digital technology markets are not yet meeting the demands of these professionalizing farmer organization agribusinesses.

The Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA) is well placed to discuss this phenomenon as a network of organizations that support over 1,300 farmer organizations representing over 2,600,000 farmers around the world.