Emily Sylvia

Senior Policy Associate

J-PAL (Poverty Action Lab)


Emily Sylvia is a Policy Manager at J-PAL, where she manages the Agriculture sector. As part of this work, Emily oversees the Agricultural Technology Adoption Initiative (ATAI) and the Digital Agricultural Innovations and Services Initiative (DAISI), and supports the UM6P-J-PAL Agricultural Lab for Africa. Prior to joining J-PAL in 2018, she was a Fulbright Public Policy Fellow in Guatemala, where she conducted a landscape analysis of information and communication technologies in the delivery of agricultural extension services with the Ministry of Agriculture’s Office of Agricultural Extension and Rural Coordination. She also served as a Peace Corps Response Volunteer in the western highlands of Guatemala. Emily holds a Masters of Public Administration in Development Practice from Columbia University‚Äôs School of International and Public Affairs and a Bachelors of Science in International Development from the University of Arizona.


Leveraging low-tech digital solutions to foster inclusion and exchange with marginalized populations of the Global South

ICTforAg 2023 2023-11-07T11:45:03-06:00

Smallholder farmers in developing countries supply a large bulk of some of the most important commodities worldwide, while being increasingly exposed to environmental and social posed by climate change.