May 28-30, 2024

Dina Esposito

Assistant to the Administrator, Feed the Future Deputy Coordinator for Development, Global Food Crisis Coordinator



Dina Esposito now serves as the Assistant to the Administrator for the Bureau of
Resilience and Food Security (RFS) at USAID, Feed the Future Deputy Coordinator
for Development, and the Agency’s Global Food Crisis Coordinator.

Most recently, Dina served five years at Mercy Corps (MC), a global organization focused on helping build more resilient, inclusive communities in some of the most fragile contexts in the world through development, humanitarian response and peacebuilding programs. She served there as Vice President for Technical Leadership, guiding a team of subject matter experts who provide strategy, program design and technical support for Mercy Corps’ global vision and for country teams in more than 40 countries. Economic development (with a focus on agriculture and youth employment), food security, water security, and conflict and governance were her areas of focus. She also directed the MC Research and Learning team, which prioritized research on “what works” in terms of building resilience and advancing peace in areas impacted by climate change and conflict, particularly within the framework of food security programs.