May 28-30, 2024

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May 28-30, 2024

Ellie Turner

Deputy Agriculture Lead

60 Decibels


Ellie Turner is the Deputy Agriculture Lead for 60 Decibels. She holds an MSc in Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics, and has 15 years’ experience implementing and evaluating programs with smallholder farmers in the Global South. At 60 Decibels, Ms Turner works with impact investors in the agriculture sector to understand and improve their impact on farmers. Prior to working at 60 Decibels, she was a founding member of the Food Security and Agriculture practice at RTI International, a global research institute, where she oversaw agribusiness development projects in East Africa.


Scaling farmer tech solutions with user voice

ICTforAg 2023 2023-11-07T11:45:04-06:00

Digital solutions have a huge potential to create impact and transform smallholder agriculture. Yet many digital tools have yielded underwhelming results when it comes to achieving scale. How can innovators unlock the potential of digital solutions to create transformative impact?