May 28-30, 2024

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May 28-30, 2024

Prince Kevin Ogoo

CEO and Founder

Kev World International


I’m the CEO and Founder of Kev World International an AgTech company.

Ambassador to the Harvard Business School based in the United States of America, the World Literacy Foundation based in Australia, a Savvy Fellow based in Nigeria, part of the Future Team based in Russia, Young Human Rights Change Makers based in the United States of America, and an ambassador to Youth and Children’s Advocacy Panel in Sierra Leone.

I’ve been recognized for my hard work, SDG Startups and Funds in Sweden listed me as one of the greatest people in Sierra Leone sitting at number 29 out of 40. an International speaker for Logy talk in USA in the week of Agriculture and Innovation and also a speaker at one of Pakistan’s best universities sharing my ideas on agriculture and the economy. finalist of I-Train Africa, Harvard University Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program, Enterprise Adventure, South Africa Young Leaders Award, Ideal Farmers Youths Recognition Award and also emerged as an award winner in MEA Business Award.