May 28-30, 2024

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May 28-30, 2024

Raphaël Hara

Managing Director



Co-founder & Managing Director of Ksapa, a social enterprise specialized in designing & managing smallholder programs. Ksapa has developed SUTTI App, a low tech, inclusive digital solution enabling to communicate with smallholders in various contexts on all phones (incl feature phones), working off-line and illiterate friendly. It is a key lever of Ksapa’s program in Asia & Africa to disseminate content & information but also to collect data from farmers in difficult environments. Ksapa combines this approach with innovative impact finance and financial inclusion.

With a strong background in sustainable & impact finance & 25+ years of experience, Raphael organizes multistakeholder projects to foster regenerative practices. He is also a sustainability / impact consultant & university guest lecturer on sustainable finance, sustainability & ethics.


Leveraging low-tech digital solutions to foster inclusion and exchange with marginalized populations of the Global South

ICTforAg 2023 2023-11-07T11:45:03-06:00

There are billions of dollars being poured into driving agricultural transformation among smallholding farmers in the global south. Yet truly scalable and inclusive transformation remains elusive. Driving at scale transformation is only feasible with involvement of digital solutions. But developing, deploying and using these technologies comes with its own set of challenges. Often it isn’t inclusive due to poor infrastructure within these geographies and financial constraints limit access to most up-to-date technologies.

Join us in this session hosted by Ksapa (France), with guest speakers from J-PAL (US), Tomorrow’s Foundation (India) and Dialog (Srilanka), bringing in perspectives of researchers, on-field non-profits, and mobile operators to see which digital solutions work and what needs to change.