Learning from an ex-post study RE: investments in agricultural digitization in Senegal

This session will share a summary of key findings from an ex-post study conducted 3.5 years following the closure of the USAID-funded Naatal Mbay Activity and published in July 2023. While the study looked at the extent to which four systemic changes supported by the Activity endured and their relative scale and sustainability relative to […]

Inclusion of smallholder farmers into voluntary carbon markets through digital tools: great unachievable idea or a reality?

Traditionally since the establishment of voluntary carbon markets, available climate finance did not trickle down to smallholders for a number of reasons. However, recent use of remote sensing finally makes this opportunity viable from cost and operational perspective. In this session we will explore the bottlenecks associated with accessing carbon markets for smallholders and look […]

Catalysing Digital Inclusion through Human Centered Design

The session will leverage learnings from AgriPath to demonstrate how Human Centred Design (HCD) can be applied to design inclusive Digital Advisory Services (DAS). Our approach to inclusion goes beyond women and youth to also include vulnerable farming communities that are traditionally excluded because of factors such as low literacy levels, cost of data and […]

Charting a digital path toward professional farmer organizations in Kenya

The proliferation of digital technology and ICT tools available to Kenyan agribusinesses has reached unprecedented levels. Kenya is not alone in this phenomenon, as similar trends can be seen across the developing world. Unfortunately, more is not always better when measured as technology usage, adoption, or benefits for rural agribusinesses. Agri-MSMEs, rural cooperatives, and other […]

Scaling farmer tech solutions with user voice

Digital solutions have a huge potential to create impact and transform smallholder agriculture. Yet many digital tools have yielded underwhelming results when it comes to achieving scale. How can innovators unlock the potential of digital solutions to create transformative impact?

Digital transformation – Catalyzing a more nutritious food system

Nutrient enriched staple crops, produced through biofortification are a cost-effective nutrition intervention that have the potential to reach everyone in the population through staple food systems. How can (and will) ICT accelerate the scale of nutrient enriched foods? This session brings together a group of multidisciplinary thinkers from around the globe to share strategies, plans, […]

Scaling up Digital co-creation for Sustainable Rice and Livestock Practices

In this session we share innovations in the digital ecosystem that better enable farmer-driven decision making and are inclusive of smallholder farmers. We seek audience perspectives and their vision for further development, and advocate for use of principles for social inclusion to guide the development of digital resources.