Raphaël Hara

Managing Director



Co-founder & Managing Director of Ksapa, a social enterprise specialized in designing & managing smallholder programs. Ksapa has developed SUTTI App, a low tech, inclusive digital solution enabling to communicate with smallholders in various contexts on all phones (incl feature phones), working off-line and illiterate friendly. It is a key lever of Ksapa’s program in Asia & Africa to disseminate content & information but also to collect data from farmers in difficult environments. Ksapa combines this approach with innovative impact finance and financial inclusion.

With a strong background in sustainable & impact finance & 25+ years of experience, Raphael organizes multistakeholder projects to foster regenerative practices. He is also a sustainability / impact consultant & university guest lecturer on sustainable finance, sustainability & ethics.


Leveraging low-tech digital solutions to foster inclusion and exchange with marginalized populations of the Global South

ICTforAg 2023 2023-11-07T11:45:03-06:00

Smallholder farmers in developing countries supply a large bulk of some of the most important commodities worldwide, while being increasingly exposed to environmental and social posed by climate change.